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The eternity. Akrylic from 2023

Welcome to my art gallery blog. I am painter and writer living in Stockholm, Sweden. I was born in Peru 1963 and moved to Sweden 1972. Since october 1992 have I hold several exibitions in Sweden and abroad and I hope to exibit several more times! 

I love to made imaginatives paintings with abstracts messages.

Please have a look on this handfull selections of my paintings over the years:

(click on images for larger image)

Freedom. Oil from 1994

(privaty property)

November. Oil from 1994

(privaty property)

The three workers part 3. Oil from 1995

(privaty property)

Border land, part 2. Oil from 1995

(privaty property)

Solo cello. akrylic from 1997

(privaty property)

Sunflower. Oil from 2000.

The little earth. Oil from 2005

(privaty property)

The city. Acrylic from 2020

(privaty property)

Timberland and Riksäpplet. Akrylic from 2012

(privaty property)

The great valley. Akrylic from 2020

The lone swan. Akrylic from 2021

(privaty property)

The chameleon. Akrylic from 2022

The bridge. Akrylic and oil from 2022

(privaty property)


Chat noir. Akrylic from 2023

I also carry out orders!



Oscar Freyre


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